Justa kaj Daŭranta Paco

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Justa kaj Daŭranta Paco”, do not worry there are no problems in your computer or in the font settings. I know, you will be thinking, is it typo or font problems. It means “A Just and Lasting Peace” in the language Esperanto. Last month (December 10, 2009) President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. In his acceptance speech “A Just and Lasting Peace”, mentioned that he did not bring with him a definitive solution to the problems of war and would need to think in new ways about the notions of just war and the imperatives of a just peace.

I was thinking, do anybody in modern western world, thought about causes of war to have lasting peace. In the ancient world, there are many moral/religious text preaching importance of love, non-violence etc. Still history of human kind always filled with many wars and sufferings to people. At that time, Google’s doodle image “Esperanto’s green-starred flag” caught my attention.

Green-starred flag

“I am profoundly convinced that every nationalism offers humanity only the greatest unhappiness…”

Mr. L. L. Zamenhof son of Russian (Belarusian) father and Yiddish (German Jewish) mother born in the Russian empire’s Poland, created the International Language Esperanto to play the role of a neutral communication tool between people of different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. He published the booklet describing Esperanto in the year 1887. We all know both the world wars happened decades after this language published. Therefore, it is very clear that misunderstanding because of languages, cultures etc. not at all a reason. Incidentally both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin laden, key persons behind the Iraq and Afghanistan wars respectively, were allies to USA in the past. When compare to other leaders they know USA well and USA knows them well.

What could be reasons for human kind’s sufferings due to war? I found the following interesting Zamenhof’s quote:

“I am profoundly convinced that every nationalism offers humanity only the greatest unhappiness…It is true that the nationalism of oppressed peoples — as a natural self-defensive reaction — is much more excusable than the nationalism of peoples who oppress; but, if the nationalism of the strong is ignoble, the nationalism of the weak is imprudent; both give birth to and support each other…”

I first heard similar words from Mr. E.V. Ramasamy a.k.a. “Periyar. As part of his self-respect and rationalism movement, he said that we should not have any pride or affinity towards our caste* or nationality or religion etc. Basis for these are from the popular old moral/religious teachings “love others like you”. In my experience, it is the toughest thing to practice and needs delicate balance while practicing. People, who do not practice become

E.V. Ramasamy a.k.a. “Periyar”

mean and selfish. In case of other extreme, people will force their desires and dreams on others. For example, while advising or helping others acting like a patron, instead of acting like a partner. These patronages lead a group of people always look up for solutions, rather than think and find solutions themselves. The patron thinks him/her superior than others and the oppression starts.

As Zamenhof mentioned one gives birth to other, so no wonder President Obama did not come with a solution to the problems of  war. I will think more (in new ways?) and discuss in the upcoming posts…

Periyar is a notable social reformer and philosopher from south India. He influenced lives of most people in Tamilnadu while he was alive and now.

*Caste is a social classification system found in South Asian countries (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh). It is more like class to categorize people, but it affected lives of people negatively than helped them.


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