Moral Responsibility

Posted in Humanity, Peace, War by udoit on April 29, 2012

Two weeks ago, I watched’s video clip about the meeting of U.S Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman with Syrian opposition. The following are quotes from that video clip:

Lieberman: They are patriots, they are not extremists.

McCain: It is not a fair fight, it is not a fair fight and don’t we some point say enough of the slaughter.

McCain: Communication equipments do not do very well against helicopters, tanks and artilleries.

Lieberman: We got a moral responsibility here, the whole world does. We cannot just standby and just watch people being slaughtered. Hopefully, we progress from that point of world history.

McCain: They want weapons and ammunitions. They don’t want us there; they want opportunity to defend themselves and their families.

The following are some screenshots of the video and the link for the video is:

After 1983 riots in Sri Lanka, India felt the similar moral responsibility that Mr. Lieberman referring and gave weapons, ammunitions and training to the Sri Lankan Tamils to defend themselves. The civil war lasted over 25 years until May 19, 2009 with lots of killings and betrayals. This post is about the final days of the war to raise questions on what mistake those people did to go through those sufferings.

A month ago, United Kingdom’s Channel 4 released a documentary about the final days of May 2009 Sri Lankan civil war, which is a sequel to the documentary that they had broadcasted a year ago. They timed (?) the part 2 video release well to coincide with the timing of UN Security Council’s resolution voting on Sri Lanka’s war crimes. The video (part 1) starts with interview of a UN staff who worked at the Tamil area during early 2009 and then shows video footages shot at the UN office at Northern Sri Lanka on the day they left the Tamil area as per the orders of Sri Lankan government.

The following screenshots show the people gathered in front of the UN office when the Staffs were ready to leave. All those people were shouting and chanting at UN staffs that do not leave.

The girl in the following screenshot was neither chanting nor waving the hands like others. She was just still with extreme sadness in her face.

The old man shown in the following screenshot given opportunity to express the gathered people demand, he says, “Please don’t leave, we don’t need food, medicine or shelter”. He was requesting them to stay and be a witness for the things that were coming and mentioning that their death was near their throat.

The UN worker who shot the above video is shown in the below screenshot.

Finally, the UN staffs were leaving.

These things raise the following questions:

  1. Did he share the video clips (especially the girl’s face to National Geographic?) to any of other colleagues?
  2. Did anybody in UN office felt the similar Moral responsibility mentioned by Mr. Lieberman?
  3. What is the role of UN and international community in those situations?
  4. Even they left due to the local government’s orders or advise that their safety is not guaranteed, why after leaving they did not do anything either from New York or any other place?
  5. Do the entire 2 million people affected by the 2009 Sri Lankan war or the about 40,000 people who died during the final days deserve that according to UN?
  6. Why he did not give the video clips to media immediately, at least posted it in YouTube?
  7. Why and when he gave that video to channel 4?

After those scenes, the Channel 4 videos show more and more executions, slaughtering and people sufferings. Especially, the following two screenshots of the woman – identified as Isaipriya – who was an anchor in Tamil news channel, explains the reason for sadness in the Girl’s face in front of UN office. Like the “Blue bra” girl, no mainstream media talks about either the thousands of women who died in the war in the most derogatory manner (like Isaipriya) or the silent sad girl. I guess it may be because in any of those two pictures there is no Bra found.

The following screenshots in the Part 2 of the Channel 4’s documentary raises even more questions that I will write in my next post.

The Tamil militia’s supreme commander family photo:

The supreme commander younger son – Balachandran – body.

The supreme commander’s body (some said the following are fake).


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  1. jkpadalai said, on May 18, 2012 at 1:28 am

    Its a very strong Post udoit … But then we all know the intentions behind what democrats and republicans talk .. They all got selective amnesia so do we too .. My friend often says this .. The world’s never been fair .. and ever be .. get on with life .. But its damn hard to get on with it when you witness those atrocities with your own eyes..

    Thanks for sharing this ..


  2. udoit said, on May 20, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Jk, the purpose of this post is to raise questions…at the same time trying to forecast what is going to happen in Syria. Do this post or writing like these in mainstream media is going to help anybody? I don’t know but I know history repeats itself because we get on with life by saying that world is like that…Thanks for your comment.

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